How We Used To Live – Saint Etienne

by Simon

How We Used To Live was almost this blog’s title when I was first thinking of starting one.  I was obsessed for a while with the things you lose, the things that disappear.  Especially in London.  Its such a fluid city, people move on, buildings get knocked down and areas change upwards and downwards. 

The title that stuck came from a song I wrote about that kind of thing, but also about traditions that don’t really get recorded.  I’m sort of talking about folk traditions, handing on songs and stories but also about those funny little bands that never made it, the old painted adverts for soap or cigarettes, or the little shop down a funny street that sold old fashioned sweets or buttons or bicycle parts.  I think you know what I’m talking about.

No band captures that sense of loss mixed up with an eye for the small details better than Saint Etienne.  Yes its often rose tinted specs time, but it’s a defense mechanism.  Saint Etienne know things weren’t better in the past, it just makes it easier to deal with the present.