The Jetset

by Simon

The Jetset were a mid 80s Mod band, who were modelled on the Monkees, right down to the car. They had been put together by Melvyn J Taub and Paul Bevoir with the help of Paul Bultitude, who was the drummer with Secret Affair and was also Mari Wilson’s drummer. Melvyn was also on backing vocals with Mari.

They weren’t the deepest of bands, but they had some great songs and it was all a lot of fun. I never knew of the Mari Wilson connection with the Mod scene that I moved through back in those days. And looking into it tonight I find that there’s also a connection with me. Turns out Melvyn went to the same school as me, although it was nearly a decade before I went.

And here’s Mari Wilson, Just What I Always Wanted. Melvyn is the shorter of the backing singers.