Andy Pawlak

by Simon

Back in the late 80s I bought an album called Shoebox Full Of Secrets by singer-songwriter Andy Pawlak. If you’ve never heard him then here’s a tune of his called Mermaids. I don’t know much about him, other than he was from the same part of the world as Paddy McAloon.

The album isn’t one I’ve listened to much over the years, infact I no longer own it, except in digital form. But it’s one of those I think about a lot.

It reminds me of being in my late teens, wearing fingerless gloves and chainsmoking, chasing girls who thought poetry was both romantic and sexy. Nobody ever warned me about those girls. They were dangerous, far more so than the girls I grew up with. At least the girls I grew up with were straightforward. If they liked you then you could touch. If they didn’t then they would hit you.

The romantic moody ones who wanted life to be somewhere between Wuthering Heights and Betty Blue with a soundtrack by Kate Bush; they were scary and the weather around them could change in the blink of an eye. Unsteady ground.

Back to Andy: Musically Andy’s works would sit alongside the Prefabs, also Roddy Frame, the Blow Monkeys, The Style Council and lots of the mainstream Scottish pop like Love And Money. Poetic lyrics, melancholy pop songs that verge on the funky but started off as acoustics strums in a bedroom somewhere. You know the kind of thing. And lots of you out there like that kind of thing…