Graham Day

by Simon

One of these days I’m going to do one of those big posts of mine and its going to be about Graham Day. I’ve been a fan of Mr Day since I was about 15 (that’ll be back in the early 80s if you’re wondering) when I first heard his band The Prisoners. The Prisoners (also featuring James Taylor, later of The James Taylor Quartet on organ) were a mix of 60s Garage/Psych sounds, sometimes heading off into Small Faces and/or Hendrix territory. They produced 4 studio albums and a couple of live/rare albums then split. Taylor went off to help create Acid Jazz and Graham Day began a lengthy career where he would mix those Garage/Psych riffs with fantastic tunes; with that rough voice taking tunes between angry punky shouts and sharp bursts of melody.

I love The Prisoners, for me they’re up there with my all time favourite bands, they’re never far from my listening.

Here’s The Prisoners with Melanie:

The first band after The Prisoners up were The Gift Horses, with Martin Blunt previously with Mod heroes Makin’ Time (who also featured Fay Hallam who became Fay Day). The Gift Horses went onto become The Charlatans, another 60s influenced band with lots of organ. Graham Day went onto form The Prime Movers. Here’s a Prime Movers track, a cover of a song you may know, that The Prisoners used to play regularly. And yes I’m certain Kula Shaker own this track…

The Prime Movers went onto release several albums, which to my ears verged on the prog and didn’t really do it for me. And then came The Solar Flares, which for me was a return to form, spiky garage pop. Several albums of that follow, all brilliant.

The Solarflares came to an end and a couple of years ago along came some of the most vibrant powerful music Day has done for years. Graham Day & The Gaolers.

Loud, full of energy and melody, but more of the same that he’s always done really. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

That just turned into a big post didn’t it….

By the way, there is loads of this stuff on Youtube if any of this has caught your ears.

Here’s a little bit more one of the instrumental side of The Prisoners for those of you that love Hammond based Garage instrumentals..