Driving Home For Christmas

by Simon

Thankfully I’m at home, no more work for a week or two. So I won’t be struggling to cross the country in the snow. Unfortunately there is not even driving for us, the car is snowed in, the roads are sheet ice and the gritters have looked down our street, shook their heads and turned around and headed the other way.

It’s during weather like this that I miss the city, even if it’s not better over there than here.

Still there’s food in the cupboards, the kettle’s on and we’re inside and cosy.

And listening to the latest Saint Etienne album, the limited edition A Glimpse Of Stocking, their Christmas album. And very fine it is too. Here’s one of the tracks, a cover of Chris Rea’s (of all people) Driving Home For Christmas. And it is lovely.

Saint Etienne – Driving Home For Christmas