Happy Christmas!

by Simon

Merry Christmas everyone. Unfortunately Christmas has been a bit of a nonstarter thanks to the snow.  Thankfully its cleared enough for the Father In Law to come and get us on Christmas Day, but theres no getting our car out this weekend.

It was almost a disaster too, literally.  I was sat at the computer yesterday when suddenly the power supply started sparking, and then flaming.  Cable melted.  Luckily I was sat next to it.  It could have been bad.

So Im on the phone again, with no access to music until I can sort out the power supply.  I need the whole machine looking at, and that’ll have to wait now.

So a massive post of my year’s favourites wont happen now, and the bit of Bing that I was planning aint happening either.  So think of your favourite Christmas song and sing it to yourself.  And have a wonderful time.

Take care of yourselves.