This Woman’s Work

by Simon

You will probably be aware of this song in it’s original form by Kate Bush. I was, but I wasn’t aware at all of this version from the late 90s by Maxwell. Maxwell was one of the new soul (Nu-Soul??!? Neo Soul?) people that started to appear in the mid to late 90s; people harking back to the more organic funky days of soul rather than the shiny hip hop electronic RnB of the time. Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye seemed to be the biggest influences on them, multi layered and hazy music, poetic lyricism and a lot more feminine in it’s ways. Especially at odds with the hip hop of the time.

I used to own Maxwell’s first album Urban Hang Suite and it’s good, but I’d kind of forgotten about him since. An old friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this and I sat there listening with goosebumps all over, close to tears. The original is a lovely song, but this version takes the original and flies with it. It is simply beautiful, massively soulful and I’m putting money on it, this will be the best thing I hear all year.

(How the hell did this pass me by?)