Blue January

by Simon

I hate January. In fact I probably hate the whole time from the start of December until the end of February. Then I can feel the spring (and then summer)approach and my mood lifts. But, especially when we have weather like we have had recently, the winter really takes it out of me. All I really want to do is sit back and stay warm, perhaps lose myself in a book or a film.

Creativity seeps away. I find it really difficult to do any work of any kind, either the sort I’m being paid to do Monday – Friday 9 to 5, or my own outlets, music, writing and the like.

It’s not helped by the fact that my birthday sits in February, and while I’d like to enjoy it, it’s so firmly in the ‘dark’ times that the best I can do is take a day off work as a treat to myself and try to relax. It never used to be this way, when I was a kid. It’s probably why Christmas takes over so massively. The winter festivals came into being to mark the halfway point, one day nearer to the lighter seasons.

I was never sure about the SAD syndrome, was convinced for some time that it was an excuse for some people. And I’m not really depressed, just lowered if you like, but I see the affects of darker colder weather with my own eyes everytime I wake up. Yup I’ve got the blues.

And for no reason at all, apart from chatting about this with somebody this week, here’s Swansway, with the 12″ version of their 1984 hit Soul Train. A lovely lovely track, like a rather gothic Dexys Midnight Runners.

Swansway – Soul Train 12″