First Picture Of You

by Simon

This turned up on the Ipod today, The First Picture Of You by The Lotus Eaters. It’s one of those songs that I don’t listen to very often. It’s capable of taking me right back to the summer of 1983, stepping into the 14 year old me. And with all the good and bad feelings of those days. I seemed to feel…off most of the time. Everything was awkward, and when it wasn’t awkward it was a fight. And the theme of the times for me was unrequited love for the most part. Which never feels good.

There were a few moments of good that year. A summer holiday romance for instance. This song manages to combine both the unrequited love and the holiday romance in one melody line. And the awkward staring at my shoes feel of not quite knowing who I was yet. Even when I thought I knew it all.

Some things don’t change too much.