Kevin McDermott – Independence Day

by Simon

Back in the mid 80s I saw this performance on The Tube and went out the next day and bought Kevin McDermott’s first album, a lovely little acoustic treasure that gets a regular listen today. This clip takes me back to those days, Paula Yates, bad haircuts and proof that The Tube sometimes wasn’t as good musically as you might remember. – just check out the coming up later clips.

1986, I was 17 and seriously heavily in love with somebody who didn’t want to know. I was still wearing Mod gear, but starting to relax it, bring in my own things. I was earning money from a part time job while I did my A-levels and spending most of my money on records, mostly from the Our Price up The Angel which was open on Sundays. My favourite albums that year were Patti Smith’s Horses, recently discovered; Big Audio Dynamite’s first; The The’s Infected, mod band The Moment’s Work Gets Done and Dexys’ Don’t Stand Me Down. And then there were the Kent Northern Soul albums that were opening up that world to my ears. I think it was a good year, certainly it was the last good one of the decade apart from 6 months in 1989.