The Jam

by Simon

There was a period of time where I went off The Jam. There have been critics of the band who describe them at their worst as lumpy, leaden, unfunky. And for a while there I agreed wholeheartedly. Listening to The Jam’s version of Move On Up alongside Curtis’ orginal and it doesn’t have the lightness of touch, that skip in it’s step, the funk. But lately I’ve completely left that attitude behind. If I want funky, I’ll go to something funky. What The Jam have which I loved when I was a kid and am currently in the middle of appreciating now is something that I will hereforth call The Thump.

No longer will I think of The Jam as clunky as opposed to funky, no they will be the Godfathers Of Thump. Listen to Move On Up now alongside the original and it hits hard, it thumps it’s way through the track. A lot of that is Buckler, a drummer who doesn’t appear for the most part to do subtle. I haven’t always been the biggest fan of the man. But now I can’t get enough of The Thump.

Here’s a perfect example of The Jam harnessing the power of The Thump. Big Bird was originally performed by Eddie Floyd. And the original, mixing a Hendrix style riff with Stax funkiness, still possesses a certain amount of The Thump itself. But The Jam’s version takes that to whole new levels hitting hard right from the start and increasing that all the way through. Thump Thump Thump.

“and everything I do, will be thumpy from now on…”