Someday We’ll All Be Free

by Simon

There have been a few people I’ve known who have departed as a result of drink or drugs or some combination of both. Each time I’ve wondered if there was some way they could have been helped, stopped. But the simple fact was that it wasn’t the addiction that killed them. It was the hole inside them that they were trying to fill. It’s drugs or drink or gambling or relationships or music or it could be anything at all. There’s a gap in some people, a gap that marks them as not for this place, that just won’t be filled no matter what, and any ending is inevitable; in some people it’s already happened, they’re just ghosts until it’s time to go.

That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt when they go, it doesn’t mean that you feel the loss any less, it doesn’t mean that they were somehow bad people or deserved their fate. Nobody deserves to go before their time. It comes to us all in the end, but everybody deserves a decent innings.