Nerina Pallot

by Simon

I’m rather fond of Nerina Pallot, a great singer/songwriter. She’s a regular listen in the car when we’re driving as the wife likes to listen to music that she can sing along to, but not just ‘singalong’ but proper singer’s music.

Album number 4 is more of the same as her previous works, singer/songwriter pop rock, a little LA, just the right side of slick. It’s a little rougher in fact than previous works, produced as it is by Bernard Butler. Here’s a few tunes if you don’t know anything by her.

Here’s a track from her latest album, Year Of The Wolf. ‘Put Your Hands Up’ which was written for Kylie’s last album but not used.

Here’s a gorgeous cover version of a song that I adore, performed in a duet with a gent called Rod Thomas, otherwise known as Bright Light Bright Light

‘When Did I Become Such A Bitch’ in live performance