The Songs That People Sing

First let's hear somebody sing me a record that cries pure and true

Month: August, 2011

Joe Strummer

Joe would have been 59 today, I still miss his presence in the world. He still means more to me than most musicians, and still will for a long time to come I suspect. I’m 42 and I still want to be Strummer when I grow up.

The Mighty Lovers – Ain’t Gonna Run No More

It’s been the week from Hell at work and I can’t remember being so relieved when Friday night arrived. I’m celebrating with a cup of tea and a lovely slice of soul from the ‘Modern’ room. This is the Mighty Lovers and ‘Aint Gonna Run No More’, one of those tunes that you hear and instantly know, as if you’ve heard it before. There are touches of the Temptations here, and The Dramatics, in fact it’s a sweeter cousin of ‘Whatcha See Is What You Get’ one of my all time favourites.

And here’s a Soul Train performance by The Dramatics:


Azari & III

Here’s something new, Azari & III’s single ‘Manic’. It’s a very nice slice of Prince influenced techno-funk, with more than a touch of DFA about it. There’s an album that has just come out, which unfortunately for me doesn’t live up to this. It’s good, but very retro late 80s techno-house; one of those retro things that leaves you thinking you may has well go and listen to the original stuff.

Here’s their last single ‘Hungry For The Power’, which should give you some idea about what I mean when I talk about retro…