In Hiding

by Simon

I’ve not entirely been absent from the internet, but I’ve not been on here for nearly a month now. And looking back over the autumn I wasn’t exactly setting the internet alight.

There’s been reason for my lack of involvement. I haven’t really had the head space to connect with anything much; the new music I have been listening to hasn’t really been getting me overly excited and things happening in the world outside are, frankly, too depressing to focus on. And that’s all because on March 17th or thereabouts there’s another mini-me or mini-wife arriving……

In February I turn 43. I will be a dad of two children younger than the age of 3 at the age of 43. Damn.

My wife has commented on how little I’ve been talking about it all. I am, without a doubt, hugely excited by it and cannot wait to meet the new arrival. But I am terrified! So I have been burying my head in the sand a little. But no more, especially as it’s speeding down the road towards me like a runaway train!!!

And even though we are a family of 3 already, we have no idea whatsoever who is coming to say hello to us. Which makes us feel like this song gets across so well.