The Proclaimers

by Simon

I was quite a fan of The Proclaimers back in the late 80s. I loved the songs, the vocals, the lyrics. They had Dexys connections, and Then I Met You from their Sunshine On Leith album is one of my favourite songs by anybody. But I never followed them, never really heard anything else over the years. Their cover of King Of The Road put me off in a big way, so they went off my radar. They released an album this year called Like Comedy which bought last week and only listened to this morning.

I was in bits in the kitchen to this song this morning, a song that seems to be about being a parent. Now I’ve two kids of my own I felt it, probably more than I would have done before. Fans of Dexys should give this a listen, especially as this track really does soar. Song of the year for me without a doubt.