Joe Strummer

It’s been a odd summer.  Actually it’s been pretty crap.  My poor wife ended up in hospital in July and then last week my dad had a heart attack and a pacemaker fitted.  When there has been sun I’ve either been inside a hospital or in a part of the country that is being rained on.  I’ve not really been in blogging mood.  Never really liked blogging the bad stuff.  Sad stuff and headfuck stuff is another matter.  

I managed to miss Joe Strummer’s birthday, which was yesterday.  I’m not the only one by the looks of it, none of the blogs I follow covered it.  Here’s the headfuckery.  Joe would have been 60.


60 years old.  Here’s the sad and another headfuck moment.  Joe has been gone a decade this December.

Here’s one of my absolute favourite Joe moments, Johnny Appleseed from the last album released in his lifetime.  He was 48 or 49 when he did this.  I really think he was at a second peak during this period, some of the best music he had made in twenty years.  Happy birthday Joe.