The Songs That People Sing

First let's hear somebody sing me a record that cries pure and true

Month: April, 2011

Murder On The Dancefloor

Bank Holiday Monday and about to head out the door to the world outside, lunch packed, car ready to go, shiny pop on the Pod today. Here’s a lovely little slice of shiny pop, and a perfect example of Posh Bird Does Disco.

The lovely ice cold eyed Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and a not so guilty pleasure for me, Murder On The Dancefloor. The bridge/chorus thingamagig gets me everytime, a nice little shiver of pleasure when the song hits the “if you think you’re getting away” moment.


Too Much Too Young

Just in time for the Easter holiday, a couple of tunes about fertility.

First up is the video for Too Much Too Young by The Specials, which is still one of the most thrilling performances I think I’ve ever seen. What a band!

And then a classic bit of ‘dirty’ reggae. One that may just sound a little bit familiar.

A Craze – Wearing Your Jumper

One of my all time favourite songs. A Craze were on Weller’s Respond label and wrote Tracie’s Give It Some Emotion. 

The summer of 84 was one of those hazy humid ones, at least in London.  One of those when sometimes all you can do is lie down in the shade and let yourself drift away.

One of the sexiest things ever, the way Lucy’s voice rides the acoustic strums.  I never tire of this.


Ive not really been in the mood for Blogging lately.  Lots of crap at work leaving me in a foul mood.  Yesterday not even my favourite tunes could cut through the mood.  Lots of changes and upheavals where I work leaving me feeling pretty damn wound up.  Im probably over the worse hump but there are more coming.  So normal service will be resumed, just not yet.