The Songs That People Sing

First let's hear somebody sing me a record that cries pure and true

Month: July, 2009

Giant Steps etc….

Out of all the big events of the 20th Century, the one my mum talked about most was the moon landing. Apparently on that night she held me up to the sky to look at the moon and told me all about the astronauts being up there. I was five months old. And I can just imagine what she’d be telling us about if she was still here!

I’m about to step outside and see what I can see now forty years later and then I’m going to tell Alfie all about it!

Still Alive

I had a message asking if I was still alive this week. Well, I am!

It wasn’t swine flu in the end, but it was a particularly nasty infection with some symptoms that were very flu-like. A couple of weeks later and a course of antibiotics and I’m up and running again.

Now, I hear you ask, where is the blogging? Where is the music? Well, not really been up to doing much of that lately; in fact I’m not sure what I’ve even been listening to. It is a blip at the moment though, there’s a lot of things going on obviously at home and at work so… and besides which, all my music is on a separate drive and I’m sitting in another room on a laptop. Really can’t be bothered to unplug things and replug them. Sigh.

I’m hoping things will settle down somewhat in a few weeks. I may be hoping in vain mind you!

In other news I’ve just discovered one of you lot (Mr Planet Mondo himself) is working about thirty yards down the street from where I work. I’m not quite sure whether to buy him a pint or stalk him. 🙂

Anyway, here’s a tune I did have to hand, and it’s a cracker. One of my most favourite remixes ever, and the moment when suddenly the world joined the dots between eras for me. A real lightbulb moment!

Happy Mondays – WFL (Wrote For Luck) – Vince Clarke mix

Flying Pigs

Well, I appear to have flu. And, in a borough of London that has a high Swine Flu count, there is the possibility that I too have become one of the many statistics they quote on the news. I think the last time I became a statistic was when I was unemployed years ago.

Anyway, I have to stay at home, to reduce the risk of spreading the disease. And I may be receiving a swab kit in the post so I can be checked out. Only maybe however, they don’t have enough to send to every body with possible symptoms.

And so, one of my all time favourite bands reforms and plays a gig in London, and I can’t go.

Damn it.

So if I can’t go out then I’m going to throw open the windows and turn up the music. A classic little Northern Soul tune, that as far as I’m aware isn’t available anywhere right now; full of summer. Enjoy!

Ginger Thompson – Boy Watcher