Something new(ish)

Hello autumn. I’ve been offline more often than not this summer, although not for too long. Been lurking a fair bit. I’ve been submerged in soul and rnb, old and modern. But now the suns gone I’m looking around for something a bit different.

A random comment from an old mate led me to King Krule, a 19 yr old South Londoner, maybe not a million miles from Jamie T. But different. Imagine Joe Strummer working with Burial, with some Roddy Frame, Johnny Marr and Billy Bragg thrown in, produced by Lee Perry. A sort of modern day Beat, that same sort of street tough poet thing that I was convinced was gone in the wind.

There is an album, 6 Feet Beneath The Moon which is brilliant.

The geese fly south for winter. I’m away into the shadows again.